Careberry FAQs: Everything You Need to Know! 🌍✨

Eco-Friendly Essence Q: Are Careberry products environmentally friendly? 🌿 A: Absolutely! At Careberry, we're committed to "Living Clean, Glowing Green." Our products are crafted with respect for our planet, and we only partner with suppliers who embody our eco-conscious principles, ensuring sustainability in every step.

Color-Treated Hair Compatibility Q: Can I use Careberry products on my color-treated hair? 🌈 A: Yes, indeed! Our gentle, natural formulas are designed to be safe for color-treated hair, enhancing and protecting your vibrant hues while accommodating color and keratin treatments.

Lather and Cleanliness Q: Why doesn’t my shampoo lather like others? 🧼 A: Careberry shampoos avoid harsh chemicals like sulphates and silicones, known for creating frothy lather but harmful to your hair and the environment. Our shampoos produce a rich, creamy lather that effectively cleanses, focusing on health over bubbles.

Natural Product Transition Q: Why does my hair feel different after switching to Careberry? πŸ’§ A: Transitioning from synthetic-heavy to natural hair products might initially leave your hair feeling different as it undergoes a detox phase. Allow 1-2 weeks for adjustment, and don’t hesitate to consult our Hair Care Concierge for personalized advice.

Purchasing and Availability Q: How can I purchase Careberry products? πŸŒΏπŸ›οΈ A: We're here for you globally! Contact us for international shipping details or visit www.careberry.in to explore our range in India. We're dedicated to delivering our plant-powered care to your doorstep, wherever you are.

Order Updates Q: How can I track my order? πŸ“¦ A: After purchase, you’ll receive timely updates via email. Additionally, you can check the status of your order by logging into β€œMy Account” on our website.

Payment Queries Q: How will I know if my payment was successful? πŸ’³ A: Successful payment notifications will be sent via email. For added peace of mind, order status can also be verified online.

Minimum Purchase Requirement Q: Is there a minimum purchase amount? 🚫 A: Shop your heart outβ€”there's no minimum purchase requirement at Careberry.

Order Modifications Q: What if I need to modify my order? πŸ”„ A: Our Returns and Refund Policy provides all the details on cancellations and returns, making it easy to manage your order preferences.

Delivery Information Q: How can I get details on delivery for my order? 🚚 A: Simply add items to your cart, proceed to "Checkout," and input your pin code. Shipping options, costs, and estimated delivery times will be displayed.

Missing Deliveries Q: What should I do if my order is marked β€œDelivered” but hasn’t arrived? πŸ” A: First, check with neighbors or building management. If it remains missing, contact our customer care within 48 hours for assistance.

Absentee Delivery Attempts Q: What happens if I'm not available to receive my delivery? 🏠 A: Our carriers will attempt delivery three times. Afterward, the package returns to us, and a refund will be processed.

Delivery Issues Q: What if my package arrives damaged or tampered with? πŸ“¬ A: If the seal is broken, refuse the package and inform our Customer Care. If you’ve accepted it, take a photo and reach out for further assistance.

Shipping Address Changes Q: Can I change my shipping address after placing an order? ✏️ A: Contact our customer care immediately. We may be able to update the address depending on the shipping stage.

Joining Careberry Online Q: How do I create an account with Careberry? πŸ‘₯ A: Visit β€œMy Account” on our website for quick and easy profile setup.

Forgot Password Assistance Q: What if I forget my password? 🧠 A: Click the β€œforgot password” option and check your email for reset instructions.

Payment Options Q: What payment methods are accepted? πŸ’³πŸ’Έ A: Choose from Credit/Debit Card, Cash on Delivery (India only), or QR Code for domestic orders, and Credit/Debit Card for international transactions. Your security is our top priority.

Multiple Payment Methods Q: Can I use two cards for one order? 🚫 A: Unfortunately, we accept only one payment method per order.

Mobile Shopping Experience Q: Is mobile shopping available? πŸ“± A: Yes, our website is optimized for mobile shopping, making it convenient to shop on the go.

Feedback and Suggestions Q: How can I provide feedback or suggestions? πŸ’‘ A: Our Customer Care Team is eager to hear from you. Feel free to share your thoughts.

Dealing with Discounts Q: What if I’m having trouble with a discount or promo code? πŸ€” A: If you encounter issues with promotions, our support team is ready to assist and resolve any complications.

Staying Updated Q: How can I receive Careberry updates and exclusive offers? πŸ’Œ A: Sign up for our newsletters to stay in the loop on all things Careberry.

Need Further Assistance? Q: How can I contact Careberry for more information or support? βœ‹ A: Reach out to our Customer Care Team at (+91) 770 093 2626 or wecare@careberry.in for any questions or high-fives.

Welcome to Careberry, where your journey to clean, green beauty begins!