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Dive into the details and discover which Careberry shampoo is your hair's best friend.

biotin and collagen shampoo
Biotin & Collagen Everyday Shampoo Sale priceRs. 499 Regular priceRs. 599
fermented rice water volumizing shampoo
Fermented Rice & Wheat Volumizing Shampoo Sale priceRs. 449 Regular priceRs. 499
Hair Type Fit

Ideal for hair that sheds or needs a growth boost.

Best for hair that's thin, fragile, or dry.

Key Ingredients

Biotin boosts growth, collagen adds strength, with nourishing plant extracts.

Rice for scalp health, wheat for body, plus organic oils for shine.

Why It's Special

Daily shampoo with vital biotin and collagen for strong, long locks.

It's rich in vitamins and proteins from fermented grains.

Great Choice For

Anyone who wants to grow their hair out and keep it looking good every day.

People with limp, dry or brittle hair wanting more volume and hydration.

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What our customers say

Fermented Rice & Wheat Volumizing Shampoo

Lovely! I don't have to use any other products after using this shampoo. Keeps my hair soft for longer days!!!!!

Argan Oil & Almond Oil Nourishing Shower Gel

It is good the only thing I feel a little off is the smell it's having. It's kind of medical not ayurvedic.

Natural & Organic Hair Oil

Organic Rosemary & Jojoba Oil | Anti-Dandruff & Hair Fall Control

I got this product and after using a month this oil gives me a great relief for my dandruff problems

best body lotion for skin whitening

Vanilla Oil & Coconut Oil Super-Hydrating Body Lotion

Good fragrance and smooth texture. After using vanilla lotion it really felt soft towards my skin.

biotin and collagen shampoo

Biotin & Collagen Hair Growth Shampoo

It makes your hair so soft and manageable and it's free from harmfull chemicals!

hemp seed oil shea butter calming body wash

Hemp Seed & Shea Butter Calming Body Wash

This is an amazing body wash. The smell is really awesome and you will feel freshen for a long time.

Tea Tree & Shea Butter Nourishing Body Lotion

The ingredients are gentle yet effective and provide excellent results.

Organic Red Onion & Black Seed Hair Growth Oil

The product is authentic.. you can feel the difference.

Hemp Seed Oil & Agave Oil Moisturizing Conditioner For Damaged & Stressed Hair

The conditioner is really nice

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